Accountable Eats: Transparency & Cause Alignment for Food & Beverage Brand 

  • Never before in history has a food purchasing decision been such a reflection of personal ideology related to health, social issues, and perceived safety as it has been in 2016.

  • While one of the primary consumer concerns remains sourcing food that is healthful and contains natural and organic ingredients, many consumers are now looking for food and beverage companies who are socially responsible and are clearly working toward a cause that is bettering the communities they serve. In short, they want foods that stand for something.

  • With more and more consumers demanding to be shown 1. how you grow, harvest, or manufacture your product, 2. what values guide your operational decisions and 3. how your organization strives to better the world at large—more and more brands are remaining competitive and engaging a new generation of brand ambassadors by turning to authentic storytelling via a larger cause marketing initiative.

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