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How to Reach Consumers in a Content Saturated World

Posted by Jason Hammond on November 25, 2015


In a world filled with advertisements right and left, earning a consumer’s loyalty takes consistency and consideration. At the rate of content consumption among today’s consumers, achieving content personalization can seem like a daunting task. Finding a way to give everyone a unique brand experience is a challenge, but it’s worth the investment to deliver content that can truly connect with consumers on a much deeper level.

To cultivate a relationship with your consumer it is vital to create content that is personalized and genuine, which is why blogging is a great tool to connect with your consumer on a more personal level. 33% of millennials rely on blogs before they make a purchase and 9 in 10 of today’s consumers turn to the internet to research before making a purchase.1 So what does this mean for your brand? Posting well-articulated articles that resonate with your audience demonstrates your knowledge within the marketplace. This not only draws people to your website, but also builds trust among consumers. The more your business can consistently create content that enlightens the consumer, the more likely they will buy your product or service. When you take the time to deliver thoughtful content your consumer truly cares about, an authentic relationship will begin to grow that is not based on the hard sell, but on your brand’s values. Your business will begin to reap the rewards as your consumers become brand evangelists through the trust that is built.

Landing pages
This newly created personalized content need a place to live and grow, which is why landing pages are so pivotal. Landing pages are the best way to convert someone to a lead. 96% of people are not ready to purchase a company’s good or service the first time they visit a website.2  Landing pages offer the opportunity to collect data from your potential customers which in turn, allows your company to create more thoughtful and personalized content for your consumer.

Create quality content
You are only as good as the content you create. To truly establish authority in your marketplace the content that your business writes must resonate with your audience on a personal level to make a greater impact. Narrowing the topics your business creates content about allows you to become an expert in those areas. When people discover content that meets their needs, visitors are more likely to return to your website in the future.

Consistently engaging your consumer with individualized content is the key to building trust with your consumer.

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