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How You Can Win the Micro-moments

Posted by Jason Hammond on January 22, 2016


A micro-moment is the term Google has coined to describe the exact instance in which a consumer need arises and they turn to the internet to look for answers, discover new things, make decision, or finalize a purchase. The key factor in a micro-moment is not about who the consumer is (age, race, gender) but rather what is their intent? They want something; knowledge, insight, guidance or validation and they want—no—need it, right now.

So how can you come out on top in the hearts and minds of consumers to win these micro-moments and, ultimately, their trust and business?

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5 Ways Your Health & Wellness Brand can Turn Boomers into Evangelists

Posted by Jason Hammond on January 05, 2016

Much has been written about the migration of the single largest generation—Baby Boomers—out of the workforce and into retirement. However, we are now just realizing how this generation is choosing to spend their golden years being more active, more social, and more involved. The evolution of the health & wellness industry can largely be attributed to Baby Boomers who popularized marathon-running, health clubs, and group fitness classes in the1980’s1. Yet many brands have failed to recognize this group’s contribution and continued interest in health & wellness, nor are they prepared to meet the changing demands of these consumers.

The following is a short list of things your brand can do to better serve this segment’s health and wellness needs and build a strong and loyal following:

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The Secret to Great Branding

Posted by Jason Hammond on January 02, 2016

Lean in and listen close— because I’m about to tell you a secret that few outside of the creative field know and many inside of it refuse to concede. The secret to great branding isn’t the logotype, logomark, color palette or the brand guidelines and rules—it’s the Story. This isn’t to say that good or (better yet) great design isn’t important. As a matter of fact I would argue that the Story is the very thing that makes great design possible.  

Study the habits of great designers and top branding firms and
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How to Reach Consumers in a Content Saturated World

Posted by Jason Hammond on November 25, 2015

In a world filled with advertisements right and left, earning a consumer’s loyalty takes consistency and consideration. At the rate of content consumption among today’s consumers, achieving content personalization can seem like a daunting task. Finding a way to give everyone a unique brand experience is a challenge, but it’s worth the investment to deliver content that can truly connect with consumers on a much deeper level.

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4 Ways Millennials Have Changed the Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Posted by Jason Hammond on November 06, 2015

The habits and behaviors of millennials are having a tremendous affect on how we do business. Learn how the attitudes toward alcohol are shifting the industry.

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A Curious Journey

Posted by Jason Hammond on January 27, 2015

We are seeing a change in consumers. Their journey to purchasing is no longer linear. The limitless amount of information available at their finger tips makes the journey much more complex. Real-time ad buying and in-bound marketing tools, have caused audiences to self-segment based on the information they are seeking. Learn more about this shift in the consumer journey in our white paper, The Curious Journey.

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Case Study: Rebranding the Minnesota Restaurant Association

Posted by Jason Hammond on April 23, 2013

The Minnesota Restaurant Association (MRA) is the political advocacy arm for the state’s restaurants. As a part of the larger Hospitality Minnesota organization, the MRA was looking for a branding agency to help re-position the brand and reinvent its identity.

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Onboard & On brand

Posted by Jason Hammond on October 28, 2012

From a company perspective, you need to authentically depict your organization. What’s the foundation of your corporate culture? What do your employees say about working there? Learn how to engage your employees and keep them loyal to your brand by reading our white paper, Onboard & On brand.

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