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Let’s Create Something Better Than “Content”

Posted by Jon Thompson on October 23, 2015

When’s the last time you went to a theater to watch “content” or asked your friends if they’ve read any good “content” lately?

Certainly a lot of the material that falls under Branded Content or Content Marketing is worthy of the term: badly rehashed articles, self-serving sales and marketing materials, and tacky faux-dialogs with a social media audience. What if it had the same prestige as cinema, art, literature, or journalism? Attaining even a fraction of the prestige would be a worthwhile improvement.

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2015 Trend Report: The Millennial Shift

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 18, 2015

Millennials have now overtaken the short reign of Generation X. This generation has a different set of values and are looking for careers where they make more than just a paycheck - they want to make a difference. And as consumers, they're looking to purchase from brands that share their values.

Learn more about this shift and the many implications in our 16 page report.

The Millennial Shift Report
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New Offering: Inspiration to Impact Workshops

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 18, 2015

Bolster is now offering Inspiration to Impact workshops to help organizations inspire volunteerism and build a stronger culture of purpose. Building off of themes explored in the feature length documentary THE STARFISH THROWERS (named The Most Heartwarming Film of 2014 by the Huffington Post), these workshops are helping companies lead change from within.

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New Short Documentary: Pay it Forward

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 06, 2015

More and more studies show that Millennials are searching for deeper meaning in their work life. They want to be part of an organization they know is making a difference. If they can’t find this in their current job, more and more are leaving to launch businesses with a charitable model. Such is the case with Mason Wartman of Rosa’s Pizza.

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Posted by Jon Thompson on January 27, 2015

Our short film about Minneapolis’ own Sandwich Saint Allan Law, featured in our feature length documentary The Starfish Throwers, went viral after being picked up by the Huffington Post. See the inspiring short at NationSwell.

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The Purpose Purchase

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 26, 2014

Consumer's values are changing. They are demanding companies to support a cause for authentic reasons. Corporations must support causes because they truly want to make a meaningful impact in the communities that support their business. Learn more about consumer's demand for socially conscious brands in The Purpose Purchase. 
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The Starfish Throwers in Minneapolis

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 24, 2014

What would you give to fight a battle you can never win?

Bolster Story Director Jesse Roesler’s award-winning documentary film, The Starfish Throwers, celebrates its first week-long theatrical run in Minneapolis on September 12-18 with The Film Society of Minneapolis St. Paul at St. Anthony Main Theatre—which coincides with Feeding America’s Hunger Action Month. The film is a Bolster co-production.

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Loyalty By Way of Intimacy

Posted by Jon Thompson on March 06, 2014

Brands must make emotional connections with consumers to earn their loyalty. So how do brands allow themselves to become more intimate with their following? Learn, by reading our white paper, Loyalty By Way of Intimacy.  

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The Power of Authentic Voice

Posted by Jon Thompson on September 19, 2013

Authentic storytelling has power. To connect to consumers, brands can not speak as a brand. Consumers do not want to be told what to do, but want to be part of the conversation. They will feel more engaged through the authentic nature of the voice but they will also see themselves in your story. To learn more about how to connect with consumers through an authentic voice, view our white paper, The Power of Authentic Voice. 

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Feeding America One Acre at a Time

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 24, 2013

America’s leading hunger relief charity, Feeding America, recently approached Bolster to help tell the stories of its transformational and innovative relief programs as well as the many stories of the 1 in 7 American families that currently struggle with hunger. The first completed project introduces the innovative Invest An Acre Program.

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