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Celebrate Good & Inspire More: 5 Questions That Will Bolster Your Cause Initiative

Posted by Jon Thompson on November 15, 2016


As millennials continue to demand corporate social responsibility and genuine support of the causes they care about from the brands they work for and buy from, there’s an opportunity for brands to engage a new audience in a very meaningful way.  

Have you thought about what causes your organization could partner with to make a lasting difference in your community? Below are a sampling of the most important questions to ask yourself and your team while building a successful cause-related initiative:

1. What causes are we uniquely positioned to make a great impact upon?
Chances are you already have an amazing story deep within your organization of a team member helping your community in a unique way by using the unique product or service you provide. This story might be just the spark that can help start a cause-related movement within your larger organization. Find it, build upon it and tell it well.

2. How do our purpose and values show up in the world beyond the service of our bottom line?
This isn’t about the impact you make for your shareholders. This is about how communities are strengthened by the services and products you put out into the world. Dig deep to find the meaning beneath the numbers.

3. What new initiatives can we spearhead to help bring our purpose and values to life?
This is where creativity and the words “What if?” can help your employees’ or consumers’ passion make a lasting impact. What if for every pair of shoes we sold, we gave one away? What if for every meal we sold, we gave $1 to our local food pantry? The sky’s the limit and this is the fun part.

4. In what ways can we involve our workforce to make a cause campaign about more than charitable giving?
Charitable donations are wonderful. They help non-profits continue the work they are doing. But where people really find meaning is in getting their hands dirty, and making or physically doing something, the result of which they can tangibly see. A great example is how our local hero, Allan Law, inspires organizations to make sandwiches as a team building event. Get creative here and plan a service project for your organization.

5. How can we share the good work we are doing to inspire even more?
Once your purpose and values have been tangibly revealed through some amazing cause related initiative, don’t keep it to yourself. People get inspired by seeing the difference other people are making. Capture your efforts, tell the story of those you are serving and inspire a ripple effect of giving.


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