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How Do You Measure Success?

Posted by Jason Hammond on October 18, 2016


The question we often hear when we present our case for delivering authentic content is “How do you measure success?” Here are 3 tips to help you better answer this question.

Ask yourself the tough questions—“What do you hope to accomplish, and how long will it take?” For some clients, the goal is to simply drive web traffic. For others, they need quality leads to feed their sales team. Others desire to elevate their brand image and positioning amongst a certain customer segment. Knowing what your organization needs and then being realistic about how long it will take to both deliver on that goal and measure it is key.

Pick the right partner—If you’re creating content with a very specific goal in mind, you should make sure the creative agency you’re working with is partnering with you to deliver on those objectives by creating content design to attract the right customer and deliver the right message.  

Measure what you need, not what you can—In today’s business climate, marketers and business leaders want a means for “measuring success” as a way to justify their budgetary spend. Yet, in an effort to do so, they often focus on measuring anything they can—rather than measuring what they need. Analytics can be a great tool, but focusing on the wrong measurements and can completely undermine your efforts.

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