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How You Can Win the Micro-moments

Posted by Jason Hammond on January 22, 2016


A micro-moment is the term Google has coined to describe the exact instance in which a consumer need arises and they turn to the internet to look for answers, discover new things, make decision, or finalize a purchase. The key factor in a micro-moment is not about who the consumer is (age, race, gender) but rather what is their intent? They want something; knowledge, insight, guidance or validation and they want—no—need it, right now.

So how can you come out on top in the hearts and minds of consumers to win these micro-moments and, ultimately, their trust and business?

Be Present

Although programmatic ad buying can be one approach to help you to get in front of customers at the right place and time, being present for a micro-moment is much deeper. You must first understand and anticipate what the consumer’s need is—in that very moment—so you can meet it. But this takes a great deal of thoughtful planning to do. What question will a customer, standing in an aisle of their superstore, trying to determine between Brand-A and Brand-B ask? You must anticipate these questions, develop helpful content that answers them, and then put it out into the world so it is easily accessible and easy to find.

Be Helpful

Google1 reports that 51% of smartphone users have made a purchase from a company/brand other than the one they intended to because the information provided by the brand they selected to purchase from was useful/helpful. Your brand should be leveraging your consumer insights to anticipate their questions and needs and develop content that addresses those questions directly. It might be a blog post about what to look for when selecting XYZ product, a short video about a customer story that highlights how they helped make their decision, or an infographic about how to navigate the product features for your need.

Be Humble

It is often hard for brands to separate what they would like to tell the consumer about their brand or product versus what a consumer wants to hear. When generating content, you must change your thinking. Instead of asking; “What do we do want them to know about...?” a brand must ask “What does the consumer need?” This distinction is the difference between winning and losing the micro-moments. Providing helpful information that answers the consumer question should trump a list of product features or brand proclamations. Useful information and real insight will do more for your brand and bottom line than promoting your brand or products attributes.

Understanding your customer’s needs and being diligent with the generation of quality material that can be useful in their search are the key to winning over customers and essential to meeting the needs of changing consumer behaviors.

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