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New Offering: Inspiration to Impact Workshops

Posted by Jon Thompson on August 18, 2015

Bolster is now offering Inspiration to Impact workshops to help organizations inspire volunteerism and build a stronger culture of purpose. Building off of themes explored in the feature length documentary THE STARFISH THROWERS (named The Most Heartwarming Film of 2014 by the Huffington Post), these workshops are helping companies lead change from within.

Bolster's Jesse Roesler presenting at Best Buy's headquarters

Here’s a sampling of feedback from recent events:

I highly recommend The Starfish Throwers workshop to any leader who is looking to develop, engage and motivate his/her team. Jesse and Jen use storytelling to help attendees envision how to overcome challenges or barriers and inspire change on both a personal and professional level. Our team has walked away from both sessions feeling energized, optimistic and excited for the future. Bolster’s workshop is truly impactful and creative approach is refreshing, effective and fun!
– Amy von Walter, VP Communications & Public Affairs, Best Buy

What an amazing event. I have never received such overflowing and pervasive props in my career. You made me shine by shining your beautiful light. Some things I heard from participants: ‘You changed lives tonight. What an amazing event! I called my husband and told him he needs to make documentaries!’
– Heather Rangel, Principal, Deloitte

Jesse’s gift to bring to life what is real, positive, and inspiring flow effortlessly in his presentation style. Through video clips of personal stories or brand marketing, he gives space for thoughtful reflection on what matters, and how each of us might affect positive change.
– Deanna Schuette, Community Impact Director, United Way

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