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Why and How You Should Be Shifting Your Web Spending

Posted by Jon Thompson on December 30, 2015

The New Age of Content on the Web

Anyone who has ever managed a website knows how quickly it can become stale and fail to serve your needs. Small changes are never as easy as you hope and large redesigns take far more time and money than they should. Too often, they are outdated before they’re even pushed live. This is largely due to bad habits we’ve learned surrounding what we think it takes to make and maintain a website. And we’re all ready to move beyond this antiquated way of keeping our websites humming.

Over the years, we’ve all been spending a lot of money constantly redesigning the underlying frameworks and platforms that our sites were built on, reformatting our content along the way, and struggling to keep the search engines happy.

2015_12_30_newageofcontent.pngFrankly, it’s been a mess. Coders struggled to keep up with the demands of marketers—and marketers found themselves struggling with technical mumbo-jumbo. The upside of this is both industries recognized these pain points and we now (finally!) have the systems and structures on the web that enable us to spend far less time designing, coding, testing, and redesigning.

We’re finally in a good position to concentrate on what we all do best: creating and shaping content and experiences—and putting them in front of your customers and followers.

With all the tools in place, we can now begin to shift our web spending more toward a consistent cycle of authorship and storytelling—instead of struggling with building and maintaining the infrastructure of the web.

Of course we’ll still have UX designers, web designers, and front and back-end programmers (to name a few) in place, but their jobs are now more skilled and focused than ever before. And these people can be paired with strategists and writers to create truly rich content that makes your website better work for you.

We have a lot of experience (and opinions) about the ecosystems of the web—and how you can best foster a strong community of followers around your brand. Want to find out more?

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