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3 Keys to Creating a Brand with Staying Power

Posted by Jason Hammond on August 23, 2016

Scale.jpgWhy do some brands seem to last centuries while others fall out of favor almost as soon as you hear of them?

Here are 3 things that will help you build a brand with staying power as a part of its DNA.

1. Build your brand around values, not things — Many brands reach their peak too quickly. These brands associate with a singular product or service, which eventually becomes a cultural blip that falls out of favor as quickly as it arrived. As important as it may be for a company to have a focused and singular vision in order to produce a great product or service operationally—this does not mean that a brand should follow that same model. Brands that are built around values rather than things are usually the ones that have the greatest staying power; because values unlike things, are both scalable and transferable. Apple is not about computers. They are about innovation. 

2. Create a brand that’s more emotive than descriptive — When creating a name, identity, and positioning for a brand, there is a tendency to default to being as descriptive as possible. Although this often has some early benefits by quickening your audience’s understanding of what you do—it also means you likely become pigeonholed and have less latitude to evolve as a brand in the long-run. When Viverant launched in 2010, they knew that the brand would start off as a physical therapy business. However as we developed their brand, we knew they would benefit by having the ability to expand their services beyond this realm. We ended up avoiding using the term “physical therapy”, and chose a name and identity that elicited the right feeling from their customers—rather than describing the service they offered.

3. Tell your story — Stories are what connect us. They make messages or facts more memorable and relatable. There is nothing more powerful for a brand than to make an emotional connection with their audience. If you’ve built your brand around a purpose and values, you should inherently have a compelling story to tell. Whether that story is written out on your website, produced into a video, or spoken by you and your employees, your story will help carry your brand beyond the short attention span of today’s digital consumers and begin to build a truly loyal following.

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