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The Battle for Prime Brick & Mortar Real Estate

Posted by Jason Hammond on July 10, 2017


Brick and mortar businesses aren’t dead, but the landscape is changing. As more millennials and baby boomers move into urban neighborhoods, they are creating concentrated areas for retailers and service based-businesses like restaurants and boutique fitness studios, who are all vying for the same prime locations. These businesses know that location can either make or break your business. So how do they win the battle for these prime spots? One answer might be a lot more simple than you might think—The Pitch Presentation. We’ve had a great deal of success helping clients secure locations by developing a creative, thoughtful, story-driven pitches that help bring their vision to life and lend credibility to their concept. Here are 3 things we’ve learned over the years:

  1. Be creative. Use words and images to paint a picture that takes the landlord’s lack of imagination out of the equation.

  2. Think non-traditional format. While your competition is preparing their PowerPoint Presentation, you might want to do something a bit more impactful. A perfect bound book or a short video can both be extremely impactful if done well. In the long-run, the small upfront investment will be worth the long-term gains if it helps you win the right location.  

  3. Appeal to their senses and their business sense. It’s one thing to capture their attention with a beautiful story, rich visuals, and a great design. But don’t forget the bottom line. Outline what will make your business a success—and you a great tenant—and tie it to actual numbers whenever possible. The last thing a landlord wants is turnover, so reassure them of your viability and appeal.

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