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The New Era of Six Second Ads

Posted by Tom Schmidt on October 24, 2017


6-second ads have become commonplace on the internet and in social media over the last year. In fact, it’s difficult to find any video without one of those ads preceding it. For companies looking to incorporate 6-second videos into their marketing strategy, Google’s global creative director recently listed 4 storytelling principles that are found throughout the most successful 6-second bumper ads.

For many companies, though, 6-second ads might not be right for their marketing needs. Despite that, there’s a lot of great advice in that column that should be considered when creating videos of any lengthbut especially for videos meant for social media.

Here’s one point from the article I’d like to reiterate:

When you're working in :06 though, there isn't time for everything. So rather than trying to do a little of everything, do one thing well.

In the case of social media videos, less is more. When you overload your story with lots of details, it’s easy for core messaging to get lost. Whether they’re on the phone or their laptop, your audience’s attention is very divided. It’s better to do one thing, do it well, and then leave the audience wanting more.

Which leads me to this second point worth highlighting:

The six-second format can be great for amplifying a print or out-of-home campaign, leveraging simple visuals, or a striking headline with music.

Just replace “six-second” with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, and that idea is just as relevant. A single video is not the be-all and end-all of your marketing solutions. It should be the starting point for your consumers to learn more, or the gentle reminder that you’re out there, offering solutions and products when they need them.

These are all great tips to consider when concepting any video, but the main point to remember is to keep your message short and sweet.

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