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Consumers Stand Beside Brands with Purpose

Posted by Jason Hammond on December 27, 2018

According to a new survey, two-thirds of consumers expect brands to "take a stand" on issues they feel passionate about. 

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Branded Originals: When should brands become broadcasters?

Posted by Jason Hammond on April 20, 2017

Over-the-top networks like Netflix, hulu, YouTube Red and AmazonPrime (those that you get outside of the traditional cable box model) are becoming the preferred means of entertainment for many consumers. This shift in behavior has dramatically impacted the advertising efforts of many brands who now struggle to find their audience as these new mediums circumvent traditional channels, turning traditional ads into an optional part of the viewing experience. To mitigate this trend, many brands have responded by shifting their advertising dollars to creating pre-roll content or serving up ads via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. In response to this perceived invasion, many young consumers—who dislike the pervasiveness of digital advertising—have implemented ad-blocking software. More progressive brands, however, are beginning to discover an alternate way of reaching an ad-weary audience when traditional means are diminished.

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Five Best Practices for Publishing with Purpose

Posted by Jason Hammond on February 22, 2016

For decades—large scale media exposure was limited to big brands with large budgets for advertising and PR campaigns. But with the ever-increasing accessibility of web publishing on platforms such as blogs and social media, small brands—and even individuals—can gain access to mass audiences like never before. In what ways can you put this web publishing boom to work for your brand, while differentiating yourself in a content saturated world?

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